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We are the first insurance company that provides bindable quotes from most of the insurance carriers. We hop fast on all of the captive agencies, insurance companies, and companies with independent agents and we collect all of their accurate quotes and bring them to you so you can compare and choose the best one. Thus, we give you more options to help you save time and money.

You can get quotes easily by filling out a quick form. We will encrypt your information to make sure they are secure. Then, we send them to thousands of companies and agents that work with us. They will check your information and give you the best bindable rates depend on your information. Within 24hours you have a complete list of bindable quotes from most of the companies in your profile and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

At the top right of the page, easily you can create an account with your email address. By answering quick questions which took only 3minutes, you can have an Insure Hopper account that gives you lots of options such as comparing all the quotes from thousands of insurance carriers and getting connected directly to the agent whom you chose his/her quote. All these options help you save time and money. Create an Account

We made everything easy for you. After you create an account on Insure Hopper, you can fill out a quick form. The information securely will add to your profile, so every time you want to get a quote, by signing in, you have all your information ready. We will encrypt all of the data you have on your profile and after your authorization, we will send them to multiple insurance carriers that work with us, so they can provide you the best rate.

Each type of insurance has its own specific form. In order to obtain accurate quotes, be sure to fill out each questionnaire depend on your insurance need accurately and completely.

You always have the option of editing your information through the form filling process. However, always make sure that you are filling the right form for the line of insurance you choose and recheck your information at the end because providing wrong information will affect the accuracy of quotes that agents will provide you.

You can add your spouse/partner to your Insure Hopper profile whenever you want. But for adding them to your policy, you have to check with the agents you’re going to choose after comparing the quotes.

You can always review and/or correct your information on your Insure Hopper profile. Also, you can send a written request to your assigned agent or call our customer service representatives at the number (888) 800-9966 and they will help you through this process.

In a request you’re going to send, you must explain the kind of information you want to review. Make sure to mention your full name, mailing address, and policy number (if applicable). As soon as our customer service has got your information, they will send you an email in which they will answer your questions. You can send your written request both by email to and by mail to our mailing address at 2072 Orchard Dr. Suite A, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

The security of our customers is important to us. When you enter your personal information, we use encrypted transport with secure socket layer technology (SSL) and security software such as McAfee that keep your data secure. We follow generally accepted standards to protect your information submitted to us, both during sending and once we receive it.

Insure Hopper protects its customers’ privacy. We do not sell or show any customer information. You will not receive any random phone calls or email from outside insurance agents. You may just receive a follow-up contact only from the agent that you choose to work with him/her depends on their quotes.

We are nationwide and we work with most of the insurance companies, captive agencies, and independent agents. You can see all of our insurance providers in this link.

We provide multiple services for both personal and business insurance.

We work with all the insurance companies and agents who are licensed in all the states of the U.S. However, we have licensed agents in multiple states such as California, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Utah, Texas, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, Philadelphia, Florida, and Virginia who are always available on phone to answer your questions.

Insure Hopper's engine provides the fastest and easiest way to help you compare most of the insurance carriers' quotes. After you create an account, by clicking on “get a quote” depends on the information you gave, all the insurance agents will send the best suitable rates that they can provide. Within 24hours you have a list of all the bindable quotes uploaded to your profile, so you can choose one immediately, and get connected to the agent you choose as fast as possible. Also, if you have any questions before getting the rates, you can call our licensed agents at the number (888) 800-9966.

By creating an account on Insure Hopper you can have all of our options for free. create an account

As we work with most of the insurance companies and agents, you have access to all the quotes of different companies. Also, all of the insurance carriers who work with us provide you bindable quotes. Therefore, you have the option to see all the accurate rates and choose the best one.

Absolutely. After you choose the best suitable quote for you, you can get directly connected to your agent.

Yes. Not only we are a nationwide company and we provide insurance in multiple states of the .U.S but also we cover properties in Mexico too.

The fastest way of filing a claim is to do it online. Insure Hopper provides you all the Insurance carriers. On this page you can directly reach out to the claims department of your insurance provider.

We’ve designed Insure Hopper with lucidity and ease in mind. Our mission is to provide you not only the best rate but also the accurate quotes.

Other insurance company rivalries work with a few numbers of insurance carriers, they provide estimates that are not real-time, they don’t give bindable quotes and often end-up selling customer information. In contrast, Insure Hopper works with most of the insurance companies and agencies. As a result, the quotes are accurate and real-time. Also, Insure Hopper cares about its customers’ privacy and to protect their information not only we will not share the clients' data with other insurance carriers except the one they choose to buy the policy from but also we use the latest technology and safety rules to make sure the users' information is always secure.

We are honored that we are the first insurance website that not only gives the clients the option of comparing rates from most of the companies and agents but also provides a space for agents from all the insurance carriers to create profiles and find their own clients by sending their best rate and bindable quotes to them.

For questions about the website, you can always contact technical support representatives at the number (888) 800-9966 during our business hours from Monday to Friday (9am-6pm PST).

We are all here to answer your concerns.
For any insurance questions, you can always contact our licensed agents during business hours from Monday to Friday (9am-6pm PST) through the number (888) 800-9966.
For any other questions, you can contact our customer service representatives both online via chat option and by phone through the number (888) 800-9966 24hours a day.